Company delivers the latest designs and technology for hatcheries. We advise on the best approaches for management as well as we always apply the most recent EU legislations. Projects include studies of pre-feasibility, feasibility, evaluation and site selection, design and installations.

In particular, our know-how regards:

  • The identification of suitable sites for aquaculture development and analysis of environmental and climate conditions in relation to biological needs of species and animal performances expressed by the same;
  • The design of structures and facilities for the reproduction of marine and freshwater fish;
  • The development of genetic improvement of different livestock species;
  • The design of structures and facilities for pre-growing of marine and freshwater fish;
  • The design and management of facilities for uptake, pumping and distribution of water;
  • The setting of good practice for health surveillance of the farmed organisms, to prevent and to treat diseases of different origins;
  • The design of transport systems for live fish on vehicles and boats.
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Hatchery - Photogallery

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