On growing system

We design aquaculture systems, on-shore and off-shore, for farming a wide range of marine and freshwater species. Systems are designed according with customers, and offer some benefits, as:

  • cost - effective solutions and sustainability;
  • animal welfare;
  • respect of EU/local regulations and policies.

Current services include:

  • The design of structures and facilities for the on-growing of marine and freshwater fish;
  • The design and manage of aquaculture plant in opened and closed systems with the adoption of different type of mechanical and biological filtration;
  • The design and management of facilities for uptake, pumping and distribution of water;
  • The design and management of facilities for the sterilization of water with physical and chemical systems;
  • The design and management of sewage treatment plants and discharge of wastewater;
  • The setting of good practice for health surveillance of the farmed organisms, to prevent and to treat diseases of different origins;
  • The design of transport systems for live fish on vehicles and boats;
  • The design of structures and facilities for processing and packaging of fish;
  • The design of structures and facilities for maintaining the cold chain, storage and transport of fish;
  • The preparation and analysis of economic forecasts and budget accounts linked to the productive management of fish farming.
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On growing system - Photogallery

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