Today our organic brand offers Italian organic products from organic fish farms, rigorously conforming to organic product standards:

  • Use of larvae, juveniles and adults from organic aquaculture origin;
  • Low Animal Stocking density;
  • Use of good quality water with sufficient oxygen levels;
  • Use of temperature and light conditions in accordance with the requirements of the species;
  • Adequate flow rates and physiochemical parameters that safeguard the animals' health and welfare and provide for their behavioral needs;
  • Use of organic feed products;
  • No preventive antibiotics or synthetic chemicals or hormones used;
  • Microbiological checked;
  • Application of organic fish processing process.



ICEABoth fish farm and processing industry are certified ICEA for organic. ICEA organic certification is synonym of trust and guarantee for import & export activiets. Our partners apply rigorous production methods, severe standards to guarantee quality and food safety.




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