orata-su-ghiaccio      -spigola-

Company is able to cover the whole food supply chain for organic gilthead seabream and European seabass, from the fish reproduction and production to processing. We can offer to customers a wide range
of fish products, all from Italian fisheries:


  • Supply of organic fry/ fingerlings/ juveniles to fish farms that undergo only the on-growing system;
  • Supply of specimens at commercial size;
  • Provide fish processing products (fresh whole round/gutted; fresh/frozen fillet);
  • Provide "ready to cook" products, using personalized recipes in agreement with our customers;
  • Apply different packaging solutions, as modified atmosphere or vacuum;
  • Mark the final products with our or your specific brand.


Processing fish involves primarily the application of preservation techniques in order to retain quality and increase shelf life of product. It also deals with value-adding to produce a wide variety of products.



For further information on our products, please contact us by email.
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